CBlendedStaticST v1.0

A CStaticST-derived control with blended (semi-transparent) background!

This class is included in the latest SoftechSoftware DLL version.


CBlendedStaticST is a CStaticST-derived class that adds blended (semi-transparent) background to your static texts !

Main CBlendedStaticST features are:

How to integrate CBlendedStaticST in your application

In your project include the following files:

Create a CBlendedStaticST object statically
With dialog editor create a standard static control called, for example, IDC_STCTEST (you don't need to make it owner drawn) and create a member variable for this control:
CBlendedStaticST m_stcTest;
Now attach the control to CBlendedStaticST. For dialog-based applications, in your OnInitDialog:
// Call the base-class method

// Create the IDC_STCTEST control
m_stcTest.SubclassDlgItem(IDC_STCTEST, this);
Or in your DoDataExchange:
// Call the base method

// Create the IDC_STCTEST control
DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_STCTEST, m_stcTest);
To properly work the CBlendedStaticST control MUST be in transparent mode and MUST have a opaque percentage lower than 100%. After creation you can set these parameters into your OnInitDialog, for example:
// Create the IDC_STCTEST control

// Set background color
m_stcTest.SetBackgroundColor(RGB(69, 162, 54), FALSE);
// Set opacity percentage to 50%
m_stcTest.SetOpacityPercentage(50, FALSE);
// Set transparent mode

Class methods

Sets the control's background color.

// Parameters:
//     [IN]   crBackgroundColor
//            A COLORREF value indicating the new control's background.
//     [IN]   bRepaint
//            If TRUE the control will be immediately repainted.
// Return value:
//          Function executed successfully.
DWORD SetBackgroundColor(COLORREF crBackgroundColor, BOOL bRepaint = TRUE)
Sets the percentage of opacity of the control's background.
// Parameters:
//     [IN]   byPercentage
//            Percentage (from 0 to 100)
//            0 = Full transparency
//            100 = Full opacity
//     [IN]   bRepaint
//            If TRUE the control will be immediately repainted.
// Return value:
//          Function executed successfully.
DWORD SetOpacityPercentage(BYTE byPercentage, BOOL bRepaint = TRUE)
Returns the class version as a short value.
// Return value:
//     Class version. Divide by 10 to get actual version.
static short GetVersionI()
Returns the class version as a string value.
// Return value:
//     Pointer to a null-terminated string containig the class version.
static LPCTSTR GetVersionC()


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